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Pallaso Begs Clubs & Radio’s To Stop Playing “Bagwamu” Song

Reports coming in have confirmed that the Team Good Music Boss is fighting with all his strength to see that he ends the ongoing battle with former singing partner and TNS singer Sheebah Karungi to an extent of even begging different clubs and radio stations to stop playing the diss “Twagwamu” song he produced for her and Jeff Kiwa.
According to Pallaso, he says that he composed the song out of anger and he wasn’t in his right minds which prompted him to do something that he has never forgiven himself for. He says that he withdrew the song and he’s going to try his best and make sure that “Bagwamu” stops playing on all airwaves.
Besides the apology Pallaso made for sheebah, he still claims to miss her so much not only the studio sessions but also her as a person and the only thing he is aiming for now is to win her heart back.
Pallaso broke up with sheebah last year when he bitterly left Team No Sleep after sketching for answers about his brother’s death yet everything was pointing to Jeff Kiwa the TNS boss.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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