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Okwalinga TVO confirmed as SERIAL liar by his followers

Things are not going well with the once trusted a renown Ghost blogger Tom Voltaire Okwalinga TVO who has been popular with exposing the secrets of the Government which are unknown to the community as he has been confirmed as a serial liar by his followers after following a series of his lies that later turned against him; the most recent being the lie of Aine Christopher.
Tom Voltaire Okwalinga on 23rd January published a story headlined “Aine was killed by police and buried in unmarked” in the story he explained of how police killed Aine and brought his body to the city mortuary where it stayed for days and later someone who recognized it, took photos of it and supplied them to the media houses. The story of Okwalinga just like how he does with his stories against the government was well baked and many could believe it was true and based on facts. The story at the time went viral on facebook as people mourned the death of a young man.
Things turned against the man whose identity has never been known when Aine Christopher appeared again alive and kicking which made followers confirm that Okwalinga has been giving them fake information only that they have been so naive to find out the truth. Okwalinga on the other side is defending himself saying that it’s the Family of Aine Christopher which gave him wrong info adding that John Patrick Amama Mbabazi is the one who planned that stunt.
This is not the first lie Tom Voltaire Okwalinga has given to the public and later the public finds out the truth later. In 2014, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga posted that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is bed ridden and has been taken to London for special medication yet President Museveni was attending a burial at that very same time in Kiruhura, the Burial of Mzee Rutanyohoka.
Way back in 2012 December after the mystery death of the Butaleja female legislator Cerinah Nebanda, Tom Voltaire Okwalinga published a story that Cerinah Nebanda was killed by the government. In the story, he said that the deal was led by Minister David Bahati and he collaborated with Nebanda’s boyfriend Adams Kalungi whom they gave money to betray his lover. Okwalinga continued and said that David Bahati went ahead and killed Adam Kalungi in Kalangala islands so as to hide any evidence and all witness, he even promised us that we will never see Adam Kalungi again since he was killed and buried in Kalangala forests. It just took less than a month after his post, Adams Kalungi was arrested by police on the Kenya border as he tried to escape to Kenya. He was in fact the first to resurrect from the world of dead before Aine did another miracle.
Now his followers are left confused whether to continue trusting his information with the so called “undisclosed” sources or whether to take his information nothing serious other than jokes of Akpos and Johnny.
Tom Volutaire Okwalinga

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