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NTV Uganda Constructs a waiting shed for cancer patients

If there’s any television station that has been standing tall for every Ugandan in all situations then no station has done it better than the Serena based NTV Uganda.
Last year Uganda lost so many celebrities due to cancer including NTVs’s Rose Mary Nankabirwa (RIP). Which left the station shaken. It conducted a drive for car wash and money was collected by celebrities and well wishers through washing there cars at a fee not less than Ugx.50,000 but unfortunately Rose couldn’t make it through the treatment. The collected money was used for burial arrangements and the remaining amount was used wisely through constructing a waiting shed for all cancer patients to use at Mulago Cancer Institute and now its ready for use.
The newly constructed building will be unveiled this Tuesday for public use and its presence might help give hope to some patients. Thanks NTV for this beautiful heart.
NTV Uganda Cancer room
NTV Cancer waiting room
NTV Cancer o
NTV Cancer

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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