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NRM Speaks out the truth as why they banned NTV from their camp


NRM Spokesperson has spoken out the reasons as to why they banned NTV from their camp. It’s the second day since the Serena Based TV station was banned from the NRM camp.
This has brought the public outcry seeing it as if the government is harassing the press and denying the media a chance the report freely but this is what NRM Rogers Mulindwa has said about the banning of NTV.
“We woke up to surprise news on Wednesday that the senior authorities at NTV in Kla had directed their staff attached to our camp to stop using drone pictures/footage in their stories.
The advanced reason was that the drone high quality aerial pictures were giving an edge to one candidate over others.
As you may of course be aware, the opposition leaders have always been spreading lies that the NRM government and President M7 in particular have run down this country. Besigye for instance kept stage managing scenes of impassable roads!
The drone pictures had however continued exposing them as serial liars by bringing to the attention of NTV viewers the great infrastructural development across the country and the massive support at our candidate’s campaign rallies.
In my own view, their intention was not therefore an editorial policy but perhaps there was an intent to disrupt our campaigns by denying us the deserved quality coverage through drone images.
NTV have since called back their three staff-Maurice Ochol, Julius Bakabaage and Ziwa Herbert. The trio never worked yesterday and hit the road back to Kla this Friday morning.
We shall for a time therefore stay without NTV reporters in our camp as their administrators in Kla act accordingly. But should we really have to wait for Besigye and Mbabazi to buy drones for us to continue benefiting from ours? Of course NOT.
PSE note that I have taken the initiative to discuss this matter with different concerned authorities including Ms. Konde Aggie the NTV station manager and this matter will be put to rest.”
Rogers Mulindwa
Head of the Field Media team/ Communications Officer-NRM

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