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I am not dating Penny Patra or Sara Mubest, singer Ray G clears the air

Singer Ray G has cleared the public about the rumors that has been going on that he is currently dating the TV West Sabalala Presenter Sara Mubest and the western Uganda songstress Penny Patra.
Ray G who is said to be the father of Penny Patra’s baby said that there is no love chemistry between him and the Amabeere singer, adding that they are just music fellows and nothing more. He said this during the Facebook AskRayG session where fans where asking the western Uganda King of Music as he answered them instantly.
When asked whether he is dating the TV West presenter Sara Mubest as rumors say, he said that those are baseless rumors, that the only girlfriend he has is MUSIC. He said this after Sarah Mubest had intervened attacking the one who asked the question on the grounds that she ought not to be included in their conversations with Ray G.

Penny Patra
Penny Patra the alleged bonkmate of Ray G

Ray G tackled more other questions, when asked the Ugandan musician whom he loves most he said that its Mozey Radio and added that his role model is none other the fallen South African Hero, Lucky Dube.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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