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I am no longer virgin- Anita Fabiola opens up

Socialite and TV Host Anita Fabiola has revealed the truth that she is no longer virgin and that she lost it long ago.
While talking to her fans on facebook on the post #AskFabiola, one fan asked her if she is still virgin, all eyes were open expecting to see her make claims of her virginity but many were pleased to see the sincerity in the curvy socialite as she said that she is no longer virgin.
She didn’t reveal who took virginity but claims are that she lost it at an early age, around 14 years. Not even Meddie Ssentongo could locate its whereabouts, she found her when it was just a hollow!
Anita Fabiola
Another fan asked her about her age on twitter and she revealed that she will be making it 22 in June. The brown beauty former NTV Be My Date host will make her 22nd year on Earth this June. Fabiola was one of the unfortunate ladies who n@ked photos leaked onto the public.
Anita Fabiolaa
Those who have been expecting to exploit Fabiola’s ‘goat’ forget, maybe try Irene Ntale before she loses hers to Ray Signature.

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