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Ugandan Want To Eat Nabbanja As Sauce Over COVID 19 Money

Now the world is a crazy place with some of the most bizarre things you have probably never heard of and some might be about to happen in the Pearl of Africa.

Promising a desperate person money is something you should probably avoid if you are not very sure about it’s availability.

You will end up being eaten as sauce or food especially in such trying times we are in because people are hungry and really hungry.

Ok jokes aside, Ugandans might be on the verge of eating their own prime Minister due to the COVID 19 money of Ugx 100,000 they were promised as relief package for the 42 day lockdown that was promised.

Government went ahead to release a list of the beneficiaries who were termed as vulnerable and desperately need help.

However, all Ugandans act like they will receive the money but it’s only for a few who even don’t number a million as they are half the nine digit figure.

Social media users took to commenting on a post from NTV news anchor Patrick Mukasa that talked of a Dutch Prime Minister who was killed and eaten by angry protestors in 1672.

This Prime Minister was known as Johan de Witt and people felt that he had failed them at a time when the Dutch republic was at war with England and France.

They therefore plotted to kill him and replace him with another leader they preferred.

Finally he was killed alongside his brother and some of their body parts eaten.

With Nabbanja the face of this money to be given out people might eat her to bones but let’s give you some of these hilarious reactions from social media users.

In his post, Patrick jokingly said that Rt Hon Robinah Nabbanja’s security should be beefed up lest people gang up on her and eat her.

“Haaa Patrick Miss Nabbanja has God’s security since she just contributed to the church house.” One user said.

“Sawa yona afuuka enva.” Another said.

“abanjibwa nobwomuwa obukumi omala bisera bamutuwe buwi.” Another said.

“U may think it’s a joke it in actual sense your threatening someone’s life, also encouraging Uganda’s assassin’s.” A displeased social media said.

“Who can risk eating Nabbanja, Oyo talabikka nakuwooma.” Another said.

“They might have been just hungry because if it’s not hunger,how can you eat someone because your angry.” Another said.

It is expected however that the government will start rolling out the money this week although bureaucratic processes are still holding the activity behind.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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