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Museveni to address the country today about COVID-19 – Here is what to expect

The President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will once again be on your TV and Radios today at 8:00PM to address the country about the surging cases of COVID-19 where the country has registered a thousand cases in just a week.

The COVID-19 cases which had reduced to as few as a dozen cases being confirmed in a day and zero deaths being confirmed in weeks have now increased to hundreds everyday in what experts are calling the Second Wave of Corona Virus Disease in Uganda. Deaths have also increased tremendously which has forced authorities including Ministry of Health, KCCA, Uganda Police and many others to re-impose strict measures to check the pandemic.

Presidential COVID-19 speech comes two days after the Emergence National Task Force meeting sat in Entebbe on May 27, 2021. With the second lockdown being speculated, the President’s speech has aroused anxiety among Ugandans who fear a possible second lockdown.

Among the things expected in the President’s speech in strict enforcement of curfew hours in Kampala Metropolitan to 9:00PM. Compulsory wearing of Masks while outdoor. Establishment of water and soap points and sanitizers at malls, arcades, markets and parks.


The president is also expected to make it compulsory for frontline workers to get vaccinated with workers like teachers, nurses and security officers not vaccinated to be disallowed from carrying out their duties.

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The president is expected to answer the request from Ministry of Health on whether or not to put the country again to a lockdown.

The President’s speech will start at 8:00PM and will be aired out on all Radio Stations and TV Stations countrywide.

“I will address the nation tomorrow at 8:00pm regarding the COVID-19 situation. The address will be live on all Television and Radio stations. Ensure that you tune in. Thank you.” Said the President Yesterday.

Various reactions were said by Ugandans with some requesting him to bring another lockdown in order to save lives and spread of this highly contagious and pathogenic disease.

Others however begged him to consider other measures possible but not the lockdown since it will affect the economy badly.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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