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MP Nambooze Threatens to Invade Kampala Hospital, Accuses it to Detail Dr. Kizito’s Body

MP Nambooze Threatens to Invade Kampala Hospital, Accuses it to Detail Dr. Kizito’s Body

Ms Betty Nambooze, the Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, on Monday threatened to invade the hospital after she accused the facility of detaining the body.

Dr Kizito who died of corona virus on Sunday at Kampala Hospital where he was admitted two weeks
However, upon his death, the hospital claims to be demanding 90 million which the family failed to raise.

Nasmbooze said that the hospital was demanding Shs 90m which they needed in cash or the family deposits a land title before the body is released.

According to Mukono Municipality Member of Parliament, the doctor was recovering but on Sunday he died. He had deposited UGX 30 million before treatment.

Upon his death, the hospital is demanding UGX 90 million in full. The family approached me after failing to raise it. I called Minister Aceng, she referred me to Mwebesa who didn’t pick.

I then called Dr. Diana Atwine who told me they have no authority over the private hospitals. She tried to talk to them and they allowed giving us the body this evening.

“I’m giving this hospital seven hours counting from 12:30am to reconsider their decision… Suppose Isma had survived, would you have required him to pay Shs1 billion? Imagine if you are doing this to a fellow medic, how do you treat non medics?” Ms Nambooze asked.

“I’m on my way to your hospital. I’m going to give myself in so that you retain me and release the body for burial. Meanwhile, you will continue confining me until Mukono people raise the Shs90m,” she added.

The family reached an agreement with the hospital management after interventions by different people, including government officials.

The family faulted the hospital for detaining the body.
“Since his admission, as family we have been paying a certain amount every day to this hospital totaling to Shs30 million before his death,” Mr Hassan Mubiru, the deceased’s elder brother, said.
He said they were surprised when the hospital management refused to release the body on Monday for burial.

According to Mr Hassan Mubiru, the deceased’s elder brother, they pleaded to Kampala Hospital management to reduce the money to half of the Shs90 million but they refused yet this is their fellow doctor.
Mr Mubiru said in Islam, a body is not supposed to be buried with any debt, but this had hit them hard.

The family and friends on Tuesday morning organized a meeting and rose more than Shs10 million that they paid to hospital, making it to more than Shs40m all together but still they refused to give them the body.
However Kampala Hospital finally released the body of the late Dr Isma Kizito after reaching an agreement with the family over modalities of payment on Tuesday and he was laid to rest in peace in Gayaza Wakiso District.
Dr. Kizito Ismail is the proprietor Mukono School of Health Sciences and Mukono International Hospital, all found in Mukono Municipality.


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