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It is God’s will –Katumba Wamala speaks out about his assassination attempt

General Edward Katumba Wamala has spoken out for the first time about the attempted assassination on his life that happened to day in the morning during Kitosa road shooting in Kisasi, Kampala.

The General who was surrounded by his daughters and security said that he will be fine and that the wounds are not so serious as he got only injuries on his arms.

Katumba condoled his daughter’s death and asked the public to [alu fpor his wife who is in a shock of losing her daughter during the shootout.

He added that everything happens according to God’s plan and that it is God that has given him the second chance of life.

“All My Children, I will be fine, I have survived, we have lost Brenda but that’s God’s plan………….God has given me the second chance, I will go through, don’t worry I don’t have bad injuries. only the arms ………..Please pray for mummy, mummy is in  terrible ..terrible state those who can come, please come and we bury Brenda” Said Katumba as he lied down on a hospital bed.

Katumba Wamala was today morning driving away from his home and was attacked by a group of unknown assailants as they reached Kisasi. After a shooting, 2 people were confirmed dead his daughter Brenda Nantongo and his driver Haruna. Katumba who got injuries on the arm was rushed to the hospital where he’s receiving treatment.

Here is the video.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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