Home News National ‘‘Government Will Soon Make Public The November 2020 Riots Report.’’, Says Museveni.

‘‘Government Will Soon Make Public The November 2020 Riots Report.’’, Says Museveni.

‘‘Government Will Soon Make Public The November 2020 Riots Report.’’, Says Museveni.

President Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni promised to produce a public report on November 2020 city riot which claimed many lives and left others seriously injured.

While addressing the nation on security yesterday, President Museveni said government will soon make public, the report on the November 2020 riots which occurred following the arrest of National Unity Platform Leader Robert Kyagulanyi in Eastern Uganda during campaign period.

“When we had riots in November, some of the people killed were rioters, but there was also an issue of stray bullets. Police produced a report, and after scrutiny, it will be made available to the public,” Museveni.
Spontaneous protests broke out in Kampala and several towns around the country after the arrest of National Unity Platform presidential candidate, Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine in Luuka district.

The protests that broke out on November 20 went on for two days saw over 50 people killed and many others injured as security tried to quell the rioters.

The president last year said whereas some of the people killed were rioters, a couple of others were hit by stray bullets but asked police to investigate the protests and come up with a report.

“Police should audit the issue of killing people by stray bullets. What was the original purpose of the bullets that strayed? The phenomenon should be audited. Even if you don’t have anti-riot equipment you can ably control a riotous situation while firing in the air. With firing in the air there can’t be stray bullet because by the time the bullet falls on ground is has lost strength,” he said in November last year.
It should be noted that also BBC Africa Eye few months ago released a report about city riots that occurred in Uganda during the presidential campaign period.

‘‘A BBC Africa Eye investigation titled, Three Killings in Kampala, which airs this morning, reveals that the men who allegedly targeted and shot civilians dead on Kampala Road, wore military police and field force police uniforms.’’ The report read.

They were captured in multiple videos analyzed by the British public broadcaster to have sat on the left back-side of a patrol police pickup, registration UP5564, and emblazoned with number 17 on the sides.

The videos shot by well-wishers from different directions and angles show the patrol car speeding from Bombo Road side, with security personnel on its back shooting indiscriminately as city dwellers scampered for safety.

‘‘Among them was Kamuyat Nangobi, 28, a waitress and mother of four. Dressed in a black top and red skirt, a bullet caught her on the back of her head as she sprinted to deliver food to her grandfather, Mr Muslim Musimami, based at E-Towers on Kampala Road.’’ The report read in parts.
The BBC Africa Eye also carried out forensic analysis of 400 videos shot on mobile phone handsets and spoke to 30 witnesses who, the broadcaster reported corroborated accounts that some of the victims were killed in cold-blood.

The government told BBC Africa Eye investigators that the inquiry into the killings was complete and that findings had been submitted to Parliament.

In the aftermath of the admission, Uganda Law Society as well as human rights defenders categorized the lives lost last November as acts of “extra-judicial killings” and demanded the government name and prosecute the perpetrators.


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