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FDC Outsiders attacked our Peaceful Members – NUP distances self from MUK incident

National Unity Platform (NUP) has distanced itself from the incident that led to the death of Uganda Christian University (UCU)Student Betungura Bewatte who was fatally stabbed at Makerere University during a clash between National Unity Platform Group and Forum for Democratic Change – FDC group in MUK guild campaigns.

According to the statement released by NUP via their official website, NUP candidate Alionzi Lawrence popularly known as Dangote had finished holding a peaceful rally at Nkurumah hall before he proceeded to MUK Rugby Grounds for the final rally.

NUP adds that after his final rally at MUK Rugby Grounds, their team was moving out of the venue where they met with an incoming FDC team, which NUP describes as having a big number of ‘outsiders’, who started throwing stones at them.

“As our campaign team left the Rugby Grounds, another group of mainly outsiders who had come to campaign for another candidate attacked our team members. They started beating them and throwing stones at them, asking why they were leaving the rugby grounds where their own candidate was expected to hold a rally there.” NUP said.

FDC earlier in the day released a statement blaming NUP for the violence describing the NUP team as being the instigators of the chaos that ensued.

“Bewatte was stabbed yesterday evening, in a scuffle that ensued when Tukamushaba Justus’s procession was blocked and denied access by the NUP supporters and leaders present, at the MUK Rugby Grounds for our final campaign rally.” FDC said in a statement.

NUP insist that evidence in photos and videos show that it was FDC group beating NUP supporters and that all their supporters could do was running for their dear lives with some injured and others hospitalized.

“There are several videos circulating showing how the supporters of NUP were running and jumping over fences for their dear lives. There are also videos showing how the other group was throwing stones and bottles at the NUP rally. There are pictures showing the violent group holding sharp objects and stones, charging towards the NUP camp.” NUP statement further adds.

Police has already arrested NUP’s Hon Kabuye Frank Member of Parliament Kassanda South, Ssekidde Allan, Kabuurwa Muzafaru and several other students to help in investigations.

NUP in a statement said that Kabuye Frank was one of the people who responded after a report that a student is stabbed and he helped take him to the University Hospital.

“Anyway, it was a few minutes later that news started coming in that a student had been stabbed and was at Nsibirwa Hall. There were calls for help for the student who was bleeding profusely and needed urgent medical attention. Hon. Frank Kabuye was amongst the first responders, and since he had a vehicle, he immediately came in to help. That is how, together with other students, they rushed the bleeding student to the university hospital.” The statement continues.

NUP concluded asking authorities to investigate the matter and get the real culprits punished and condemned police trying to frame Hon. Kabuye Frank and other NUP leaders of the crime.

Betungura Bewatte will be buried tomorrow in his home district, Kamwenge.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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