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Exercise your constitutional right- Bobi Wine argues the youths to vote

The Ghetto President His Excellency Bobi Wine has urged the youth to exercise their constitutional rights and vote. While taking to his fans on social media, Bobi Wine emphasized that he still believes in democracy and will always advocate for a Democratic change not a violent change.
He continued and urged those who have not yet voted to go ad vote “If you have not voted yet, I argue you to go and exercise your constitutional right” and reminded them that we do not only vote to win but rather to make a statement.
According to Bobi Wine, it’s the duty of the youth to practice democracy and leave the authorities with the duty to respect that democracy. Bobi Wine has been one of the artists who have been advocating for democracy and human rights in this ending electoral process. He has produced various songs calling for harmony in the electoral process and others uniting voters in the various political groups.
Below are photos of Bobi Wine voting today
Bobi Wine Voting in Kampala
Bobi voting
Bobi vote

Nasa Tushabe
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