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City Businessman Accuses Property Moguls Sudhir and Bitature of Land Grabbing, Cries to M7 for Help

City businessman, Nelson Lukozi is crying out for help from President Museveni and the State house anti corruption unit led by Col. Edith Nakalema to come to his help after his plot of land was reportedly grabbed by city businessman Patrick Bitature in connivance with another property Mogul Sudhir Ruparelia. Nelson Lukozi 55, a resident of Bunga in Makindye, Kampala says his land and property located on Market Street Plot 19 which houses his building Platinum House was fraudulently sold off to Sudhir Ruparelia behind his back, a connivance that was masterminded by Simba Telecom supremo Patrick Bitature.

Mr Lukozi alleges that in 2000, he came to an agreement with Bitature to sell him the property at the tune of $1Million but the transaction was not complete since Bitature didn’t have the lump sum money in question. Mr Lukozi alleges that it appears that Bitature had come to him as a middleman representing Mr Ruparelia, a position that was not communicated to him before the dealings.

The complainant alleges that only part payment (USD 400,000 of the agreed USD 1million) was effected and the remainder (USD 600,000) has to date been defaulted despite the fact the the implicated duo went ahead and fraudulently obtained his land title from DFCU Bank. Of the USD 400,000 that was paid, Mr Lukozi says 360,000 dollars went to lawyer Kato Sekabanja to service a debt he owed him while 40,000 dollars serviced his earlier debt in DFCU Bank.

However, Lukozi claims that Bitature and Mr Ruparelia committed fraud and went behind his back and obtained his land title from DFCU bank by false pretence behind Mr Lukozi’s back and even when he (Lukozi) had not consented or signed any transfer forms for the land title. Lukozi claims all these transactions between lawyer Kato Sekabanja, Mr Bitature and Mr Ruparelia were done without his consent yet he is the rightful owner of the property in question. He alleges it came to his knowledge that Sudhir was in real sense the buyer after he(Sudhir) was the one that effected the payment of the first installment from his defunct Crane Bank.

Lukozi adds that efforts to get justice so that he can secure his land have not yielded any fruition since he has been frustrated by the judicial system. He says he opened up a case in commercial court (civil suit no 72/2015) but the case file was closed because court asked him to deposit 200million so that his case can be heard which he did not have at the time. Lukozi suspects that his failings in the courts of law are being masterminded by Mr Bitature and Mr Ruparelia and their accomplices.

Mr Lukozi now appeals to President Yoweeri Museveni and the State House Anti corruption Unit Lt. Col. Edith Nakalema, as well as Mr Caleb Akandwanaho alias Gen. Salim Saleh
to reign in and cause an investigation into the actions of Mr Ruparelia, Bitature and Kato Sekabanja to help him recover his full payment or his property be returned.

Here are the full documents.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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