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Cartoonist Spire Ssentongo scoffs at AIGP Asan Kasingye, bashes Exile rumors

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Cartoonist Jim Spire Ssentongo has laughed at Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye after the latter shared a blog article claiming that Spire is in a self imposed exile.

The blog post from Command 1 Post published today on Tuesday claimed that the Nkozi University lecturer and Observer newspaper cartoonist Jim Spire Ssentongo on claims of being harassed by the government because of his cartoons, was able to get a United States visa from where he ran to for ‘greener pastures’.

Spire Ssentongo who has been enjoying the media freedom in Uganda put place by the NRM government was last year voted as the most outstanding Cartoonist during the recently concluded Janzi awards what were sponsored by the same government he claims wants to kill him.” Part of the story read on the website.

Asan Kasingye who has been on logger heads with Spire a few weeks back rushed to share the article to insinuate that the reason why Spire was drawing cartoons aimed at him was to call for AIGP’s rage in order to attract sympathy from the US embassy.

Now I understand why he was trying to provoke me. Uganda, #olemwa.” Asan Kasingye noted on Twitter.

Spire went on his Twitter handle to laugh at Kasingye who shared a post without verifying its authenticity. In the post, Spire included a photo of himself in Panyigoro, Pakwach district captioning it with satire words ‘here in Washington’.

“Somebody tell the very good senior police officer that I’m reading a tweet screenshot of the exile story he has shared, from here in Washington, DC where I arrived last week. At least he did some due diligence as an officer to verify before sharing. Kudos” said Spire.

Spire and Kasingye fell out on January 16, 2022 after two exchanged words following the shooting in Ntinda, Kampala that led to the shooting of one police traffic officer by UPDF officers.

Kasingye posted then that whoever was responsible for the shooting will face the consequences while Spire challenged him to mention the names of responsible perpetrators since they were members of UPDF a sister security agency of police.

Kasingye reacted by bringing a statement signed jointly by Police and UPDF explaining about the joint investigation being carried on by the two security agencies to find people responsible to which he captioned “For those digging at my integrity and love to provide information as I get it, you can see that even by the time this statement was done, they had not yet established the name of the officer that shot. Some cartoonist wants me to mention the name and goes ahead to abuse me”

Spire reacted by telling him “These days the word abuse seems to have grown in meaning and criminal status. Anyway, now that I have your audience sir, when is the report dor the November 2020 murders coming out?”

Furious Kasingye reacted by blocking Spire on twitter. This was followed by exchange of sarcastic words between the two through their tweets.

Spire who is currently in Northern Uganda has been tweeting photo moments with the people he is meeting in the region.

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