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Bishop Sheldon shocked by defamatory evidences uttered by his clergy

The Anglican bishop of Ankole diocese Rt Rev. Bishop Dr. Sheldon Fred Mwesigwa, and a group of numerous learned clergy that attended the court session on Wednesday, were engulfed with shock when the state lawyer Patrick Mukozi ordered for the play of defamatory video and audios implicating Bishop Nassan Ibrahim Turyamureeba of Daystar Cathedral Mbarara, alleging him of going underground which has helped him to accumulate wealthy.
Court heard that while in different churches in the western region and other channels of media including DVD’s and CDs that were sold to the public, the Ntare school chaplain Rev. Bernard Mushabe and evangelist Jenipher Nduhura made statements that seemed to promote sectarianism in the society.
In his words Bishop Ibrahim told court that between 2014 and 2015, Mushabe and Nduhura went to different churches uttering that the reason bishop Ibrahim is richer than other Mbarara pastors, was because he goes underground and that he sacrificed his wife late Gertrude Nalongo Turyaamureeba whom he said died of stomach cancer from Mulago hospital in 2010.
‘’ These words created a lot of anger amongst Christians to the extent that the Mbarara Municipality MP Dr. Medard Bitekyerezo during a function organized by bishop Sheldon, called flocks behind Sheldon not to sit, but start a Jihad (Holy war) against Pentecostal denominations’’ Ibrahim said
He added his name was damaged in public and his children’s love to him is in balance after hearing such allegations, and that Nduhura who claimed to have gone with Ibrahim underground ate part of Gertrude’s body. He went ahead and said the two accused him of being a leader of homosexuals saying it’s the reason he ties his belts from the belly and heads a committee of nine people in the underground world.
In the videos that were played during the court session which the defense lawyer Ambassador Butagira Francis had refused, showed the two appearing in clips in different churches and on TV west testifying.
What shocked the clergy most was when Rev. Mushabe in a video clip mentioned of bishop Sheldon being behind them in giving testimonies about false preachers . One of the learned Rev. Canon who asked for anonymity of his identity, told reporters that, he is going to mobilize fellow reverends without the consent from his lord bishop and meet bishop Ibrahim to harness the matters. He attacked his bishop of being defiance when Ibrahim contacted him to sit on around table, but insisted on following the hierarchy which the canon said needed quick response before the case was lodged to the courts of law.
Bishop Nassan Ibrahim
The presiding magistrate Daniel Bwambale adjourned the case to 6th April 2016, and Ambassador Francis Butagira was the defense lawyer, whereas Patrick Mukozi was the state lawyer representing bishop Ibrahim.

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