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You Must read Bebe Cool’s Responce to those who wish to Boycott his Concert

I wish FDC put MATHS in their arguments, it will help them not see Uganda’s issues in fiction, Bebe said
Following Todays FDC press conference during which the party called on supporters to boycott everything pro-Museveni… One of the most maligned Tubonga Naawe artists, singer Bebe Cool has criticized FDC’s directive.
Here is Bebe Cool’s full Statement
Hahahahahaha,I hear boycott.
Let me be simple and clear,dynamics keep changing and that’s a result and nature and new technology.
In simple mathematics,
20,000 people paying 20k ug sh for a concert is 400,000m.To organise such an event u need at least not less than 200m hence saving 200m for a nun TUBONGA NAWE artist.
And it’s an out door event that has no weather guarantee.
On the other hand
Let’s say 19000 boycott my concert,my organising budget will be half,I will go indoor n be sure about the weather and for an indoor event,b4 it starts,u already know whose coming, I will charge higher coz my musical status has both high end funs and low end funs,one table will go for 5m and I will only need to sell 100 tables each of 10 people sitting but 5m multiplied by 100 tables equals 500,000m. Minus expenses of 100m I save 400,000m.
I wish FDC put MATHS in their arguments, it will help them not see Uganda’s issues in fiction.
So my brothers n sisters who r talking about boycotting my concerts,I started Serena concerts 2 years ago and this is year three but am so sure that I will sell all the tables and even broadcast the event live for the whole country to see that u can’t put a good man down.
The boycott will also help the music industry to evolve to the next level where I want to only perform once or twice a year but make big money to last me thru out and this will increase the demand for any artist hence raise the pay for musicians in general after all people have been complaining that ugandan musicians perform everywhere all the time hence loss of value.
I also wish to remind my fellow Ugandans that u can’t say no to good music,when supporting us u didn’t do us no favor,u were consuming our good product,to make matters worse not even paying for it.
All tubonga nawe artists need to do is to go back to studio and record good music that’s it.
This post is meant to help u think again coz we are not only ready for the boycott but even to reassure you that we confidently practiced out political right as responsible citizens of uganda,and we still stand strong behind our president Yoweri kaguta Museveni and the NRM ideology.
Wait for my next post tmorow .
No more games.


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