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Mugisha Muntu ends the Defiance campaign in style

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“We Must Accept That NRM Captured Power and Move On” the were the words of the FDC Party President yesterday after he putting a full stop at the 7 old Months Defiance Campaign which was launched by Kizza Besigye on 03rd November 2015 after he was nominated as the Presidential Candidate in the recently concluded elections.
According to the defiance campaign, FDC was not to accept the results of the 2016 elections if rigged in favor of NRM, and the party was to use other means to take over power because the people would have given them a mandate to rule the country.
Shortly after the elections, Kizza Besigye refused to accept the electoral commission results and organized wanted to declare results from his own tally center and he was arrested thereafter. After being put under house arrest, Kizza Besigye called on people to join him as they match to the electoral commission to collect the copy of results. They were then to continue continue to the district tally centres up to sub-counties and villages collecting the declaration forms that were to act an evidence to show that they won the elections and then they would reclaim the country.
After unsuccessful attempts to leave home, Kizza Besigye on 11th May managed to escape and was sworn in as the President of the Country and even promised to appoint a cabinet to help him run the government. However, he was arrested that very same day, but while in Prison, Kizza Besigye appointed the ministers to run in his government an indication that Kizza Besigye was willing to continue with his struggle in his defiance campaign.
Just a day before Kizza Besigye appointed his cabinet of 18 ministers and 18 deputies, a big debate emerged in the FDC National Executive Committee, whether to appoint the Leader of Opposition in Parliament (LOP).
Appointing the Leader of Opposition in Parliament was a clear indication that FDC was conceding the loss and ready to cope up with the situation. This was different from the Defiance campaign architected by Dr. Kizza Besigye, there was no way the party management would claim to be the people’s government, establishing itself as the legitimate voted party, with the president and at the same time be the “Leader of Opposition”.
This brought a huge confusion in the party, as some Besigye royalists including Nandala Mafabi, Ingrid Turinawe and Wafula Oguttu wanted the post ignored because they believed they had won elections, were moving on with Defiance and there was no way winners could appoint the Leader of Opposition. Nevertheless, others including Ssemujju Nganda, Winnie Kiiza, Cecilia Ogwal and Ogenga Latigo wanted the Leader of Opposition to be appointed.
The Party President Major General Mugisha Muntu yesterday finally appointed Winnie Kiiza as the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Ssemujju Nganda as the Chief Whip and Cecilia Ogwal as the parliamentary Commissioner. This marked the end of the defiance story.
Hon. Winnie Kizza who was appointed by Dr. Kizza Besigye as the Minister of Agriculture, Animal, Industry and Fisheries in the cabinet was again appointed as the Leader of Opposition in the Parliament an indication that she must serve one post, definitely the Leader of Opposition post.
Mugisha Muntu while addressing the journalists said that “We Must Accept That NRM Captured Power and Move On” continued the Party President. “This isn’t acknowledging that we were defeated but rather understanding that yes, we won and were cheated; but must cope with the situation at hand which is clear that it’s Gen. Museveni in government and do whatever is possible to change the situation at hand until it changes in our favor.”
He said that the presence of the party in parliament is tactical and that they will use that chance to effect change. Mugisha Muntu assured the public that he took the right decision and it will work for the Ugandans. “Our presence in parliament is tactical and anybody who understands strategy and tactics could only do that; in case the decision we’ve taken is wrong, I will pay” Muntu said.
Do you support the idea of Mugisha Muntu appointing the Leader of Opposition?

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