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MUBS Guild campaigns get hotter on the last day

Just a day before the elections at the Nakawa Based University, Makerere University Business School guild campaigns have got to the best as the candidates sell their manifestos to the students so as to get the one who will be the leader of the University which is still the under Makerere University but soon to be independent.
The three candidates are all powerful and the winner can hardly be determined at this time. Under the party leadership, there are only three parties represented which include NRM represented by Basalirwa Arthur Abby while FDC is represented by the “fatest man” in the race Matovu Jorum Alvin dubbed Jojo by his supporters and Amos Kasigwa also dubbed Mr. Kazigo representing UYD (Uganda Young Democrats).
The campaign has been one of the most peaceful among the most recent campaigns at Kyambogo University and Makerere University of which the latter have not yet produced the winner after one full month since the elections.

Matovu Jorum Jojo
Matovu Jorum Alvin (Jojo)

Amos Kasigwa
Amos Kasigwa

Today were the open campaigns which up to now (16:33 East African Time) are still happening and highly cheered at Football pitch near the main building after the main gate. Thousands of students are at the place cheering their leaders dancing the to the fullest as they make noise that can be heard from as far as Mbuya Barracks.
MUBS Guild Campaigns3
MUBS Guild campaigns
Tonight they will be on the final Guild Presidential Debate at Urban Television a State owned Television and only Amos Kasigwa of UYD and Jorum Alvin Matovu of FDC will make it there as the NRM’s Basalirwa Arthur was voted out by students on the Urban Television Facebook Page after the first Guild presidential debate.
Desmon Trold
Supporter of Jorum

Voting will be tomorrow starting from 8AM up to 4:30PM and tally starts at that time and the “Kigundu” of MUBS, Matovu Rodgers will announce the winner by 6PM.
MUBS Guild Campaigns 2

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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