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Movie Review: The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 10

If you aint watching this show, there’s probably something lacking in your tastes as far as movies are concerned.
Red gathers his team, including Aram, Cooper, Mr. Kaplan, Samar and Marvin Gerard in a bar behind a meatpacking plant, while Liz languishes under Ressler’s watch at Fort Meade. What none of them know is that Hitchin has hired U.S. Marshal Iverson to kill Liz at the next day’s court hearing. But Red’s up, bright and early, supervising his contractor, who is building out an exact replica of The Director’s therapist’s office on the floor above. Then Cooper and Samar team up to drug his wife Lynda’s coffee. Fearing she’s having another panic attack, Lynda calls for an emergency couples’ therapy session. Red reroutes The Director to the fake office, where he waits with a syringe full of propofol. The Director wakes up on the Venezuelan president’s jet, where Foreign Minister Diaz arrests him. Red calls Hitchin to say they’re on their way to the Hague, where The Director will be tried for crimes against humanity… unless she wants to exonerate Liz? Hitchin calls off her killer just as Ressler delivers Karakurt into the hands of a horde of rabid reporters, camped out in front of Liz’s courtroom. The official statement? Now Karakurt’s in custody, and the FBI no longer believes Liz is guilty of the litany of crimes she’s been charged with.
Hitchin is still on the phone with Red when Marvin Gerard appears with a contract stating the parameters of Liz’s release. She meets every demand, but insists she can only sell involuntary manslaughter with no time served on Liz’s shooting of Attorney General Tom Connolly. Oh – and can Red dispatch The Director now that he’s no longer needed? Yes, yes he can. The Director lands on a Dutch family’s dining room table as Ressler explains everything to Liz. Cooper will be reinstated, and the task force can continue working with Liz – but as an asset, not an agent. After Hitchin sets the record straight and publicly apologizes to Liz, she meets Red for a drink. Does he want to join the Cabal?


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