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Miss Africa Egypt competitions turn out corrupt, Ugandan not treated fairly

For the past few months the Miss Africa Egypt competitions have been ongoing with over 50 contestants from African countries battling out with votes and the first 25 people with most votes would be the ones to turn up for the final completions scheduled to take place from 1st to 5th April which is next month.
Unfortunately with less than a week to reach the final big days, the whole competition has taken a new twist leaving our own only Ugandan ALIS SHAWN competing for the crown not fairly treated.
People have been voting through visiting the Miss Africa Facebook page and liking the photos their favourite competitor then commenting with their lucky number ours being #16. And apparently Ugandan Alis was leading with most votes and shares but unfortunately out of the blue ONLY her photos were taken off the miss Africa page and a day after one competitor from Sudan was announced as the winner through social media voting which left all ugandans heartbroken and wondering why they had to receive such an unfair treatment.
Alis Shawn 3
But never the less, we are still in the competitions and we can still make it and win the finals cause once your good at your game no one can ever pull you out. You can still vote for Alis via the link below and the Miss Africa Title might be brought back to Uganda.
Alis Shawn
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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