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Michael Ross representing big in Nairobi,Kenya

So many artists go off the Ugandan market scene but stay representing our country big in outside countries and mostly in the diaspora the latest one raising our flag being non other than the famous Michael Ross.
The “Sinorita” singer has been topping chats in Rwanda and headlining so many shows down there but this time around he decided to turn his headlights to our neighboring country Kenya. Ross traveled to Kenya a few days ago for to headline a show called “INCREDIBLE AFRO’ ft. Kenyan deejay called DJ Ciza and after that show slatted for March 26th the singer has not yet left the Kenyan hoods as hes still doing big up there.
He was seen with Kenya’s big artist NAMELESS some days back and a collabo was rumored between the two and later on he has been carrying out different interviews with Kenya big TV and Radio Stations  stations including Kiss FM’s #superstarcountdown and Citizen’s #MsetoEA Show. Talent worth appreciating.
Photos of Michael Ross in Kenya

Michael Ross in Kiss FM
Michael Ross in Kiss FM

Michael Ross and Nameless
Michael Ross and Nameless

Michael Ross and lady
Michael Ross skyluz
Michael Ross

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