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Meet Herbert Skillz, The Producer Behind All Big Hits In An Exclusive

As we always note, producers/beat makers, writers and Deejays are to be the most respected people in the music industry all over the world and we shall never stop exposing their talents to the biggest screens. Today we unveil HerbertSkillz The Soundmaker the producer who’s been behind so many hit songs.
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Dramuke Herbert alis HerbertSkillz has been in the music industry since 2008 the same year the whole Ugandan music industry took a big turn from the boring local music to the urban world class music and his first studio was non other than the kamwokya based Glory Sound Studio and then later on graduated to Eddy Yawe’s Dream Studio where he produced so many songs from and mastered his game better.
He later on Moved on to Mask Studios and now hes currently working with Sound Makers Studio where hes mastering songs for big jamaican artists like Bennie Man, sizzla Kalonji and Orisha Sound his latest being World War 3 by Orisha sound ft. Bennie Man.
Herbert Skillz
Herbert is the guy behind Bobiwine’s greatest album Kigwa Leero which has songs like; Kiggwa Leero, Paradiso, Nakumiss, Tomusobola, Ndayira, Badmind ft. Queen Patra and so many more.
He has done many more big productions which turn out as chat toppers like Jamal’s “Siste” song and “Omusomesa”. He also produced Peter Miles’s “Onkuba” and many more hit songs So he’s effort is really worth appreciating.
Currently Herbert Skillz is still in studio cooking up more projects like Eddy Kenzo’s collaboration with jamaican singer Orisha Sound.

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