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Media is holding a Memorial Gala for the late Bbale Francis

Today marks a full year since the greatest inspiration of most journalists known as the legendary Bbale Francis passed away and the media is staging a memorial Gala for this fallen hero.
Bbale Francis was one of the first Ugandan journalists and news presenters who could speak good english and for his great work his legacy highly deserves the memorial. He used to read news on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation UBC and everyone could never miss a chance to watch him do the magic.
Unfortunately he passed away last year April 2nd loosing a battle to cancer a deadly disease that is highly feared now.
The Memorial Gala for the late Bbale Francis is being held at Old Kampala primary school and later on a holy mass would be conducted for the greatest man in the history of Ugandan journalism. Rest In Peace Bbale, your legacy will always be remembered.
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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