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Mathias Walukaga and GoodLyfe to hold concerts on the same date.

We thought that artists and promoters has already quit staging and organizing shows on the same dates due to early bookings but it looks like the competition keeps on getting stiff each new day and as of current the Kadongokamu singer Mathias Walukaga is now competing with the Goodlyfe duo to see who gathers more fans.
Challenging enough Mozey Radio and Weasel Douglas announced their concert dates early this year for their concert called OMWANA WABANDI which will be held at Hotel Africana on 13th May but to their surprise in less than a month left, the ‘Namboole’ singer Mathias Walukaga has also come out and announced his concert on the same date called “REFREE MUNSENDERE” which will be hold at Freedom City Namasuba.
The battle is not yet to stop as the two have refused to settle the date scandle and they say that nothing will be changed as each one of them has got a different music fan base and each will get their loyal fans to attend both show.
Interestingly this is a clear evidence of politicking the Music Industry where the battle continues between the Tubonga Nawe and the non Tubonga nawe artists. The Goodlyfe Crew are among the Tubonga nawe artists and are on the list of those musicians to be boycotted by Opposition as Semujju Nganda announce a month ago. Mathias Walukaga could have seen it as an advantage to grab audience on the day when the royal opposition supporters will be showing their anger towards a Pro-NRM Music crew

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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