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M7 in trouble: Ugandans in Netherlands solicit funds for Besigye from the Dutch gov’t

The Government of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is facing a lot of challenge from the Ugandans in diaspora. Opposition in the Diaspora is doing everything possible to force change in their home country even when they are not staying there. Days after the Ugandans in Boston, Toronto and London protest against the election sham in Uganda, now this time it’s the Ugandans in The Netherlands petitioning to the government of the Netherlands to pressurize the Ugandan governments to stop violating human rights, and respect of the opposition.
According to the letter Ugandans wrote to the The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Netherlands, with the petition on Change.org website where they are requesting several Ugandans to sign, Ugandans are reminding the Netherlands that besides the help its giving to Uganda, Ugandans are still living in poverty, corruption is high and there is high crackdown on the opposition members. At the time of writing, the petition already had 15 signatories and more other signatories were being called for allover social media.
Ugandans have asked the government of Netherlands to help do the following to help cub the situation in Uganda, as they are stated hereunder:
Persuade President Museveni to order that the consistent state inspired attacks, arrests and house detention on Dr. Kizza Besigye should stop forthwith.
Secure the freedom of movement, assembly and association for Dr. Kizza Besigye and all his colleagues involved in compiling the evidence required to petition the High court of Uganda against the grossly flawed presidential election.
Persuade the government of Uganda to stop raiding the headquarters of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).
Persuade the government of Uganda to allow Ugandans enjoy their right to demonstrate
Evacuate members of our families and relatives that are being persecuted for answering our call to support Dr. Kizza Besigye.
Help fund Dr. Kizza Besigye to manage the petition and put an international independent audit against the forged results of the presidential and parliamentary election.
Persuade the government of Uganda to respect all the freedoms and fundamental human rights including but not limited to; freedom of, assembly, association, expression, demonstration and above all, to choose leaders of their choice in a free and fair election as guided by the constitution of Uganda and the international law.
We pray to your high office that should the government of Uganda reject our request; we request you to intervene in the following manner:
a) Do not accept the results announced by the Uganda Electoral commission.
b) Do not recognize Gen.Yoweri as the president of Uganda.
c) Suspend aid to the government of Uganda and instead, channel the same aid to the civil society organizations that work to develop democracy, human rights, good governance and socioeconomic development.
d) Put targeted sanctions on the regime and its functionaries that are involved in brutal acts against civilians.
e) Help to persuade all Development partners to intervene in the same way.
f) Put sanctions and travel bans on the following members of the Uganda ruling family and its henchmen:
1. Yoweri Museveni, Dictator of the great lake region.
2. Janet Museveni, wife of the dictator.
3. Brigadier Muhoozi Kienurugaba commander of the Special Forces Group.
4. Gen Caleb Akandwanaho (Salem Saleh) Brother to the president and a senior advisor on defense
5. Ms. Jovial Akandwanaho Saleh wife to General Saleh.
6. Sam Kutesa Minister of foreign affairs.
7. Jim Muwezi Minister of the information.
8. Tamale Mirundi former presidential press secretary.
9. Ofono Opondo head of Uganda media center.
10. General Kale Kayihura Inspector general of the Uganda police.
11. Badru Kiggundu Chairperson of Independent Electoral commission.
12. Kasule Lumumba Secretary general of the NRM Uganda ruling party.
13. Andrew Felix Kaweesi, head the Force’s Human Resource Development.
14. Frank Tuwembaze minister for the presidency and minister for the Kampala Capital City Authority.
15. Lieutenant General Henry Tumukunde head of the voter bribery team.
16. Brig Moses Rwakitarate former chief of the Uganda Air Force.
17. Major General Charles Angina Deputy Chief of the Defense Forces (DCDF).
18. Brigadier Leopold Kyanda, the Chief of Staff of Land Forces.
19. Major Roland Kakooza Mutale, a special presidential adviser on political affairs.
20. Jonathan Taremwa, spokesman for the electoral commission.
The government hasn’t responded yet, neither the key figures in the opposition, the government of Netherlands also hasn’t said anything and a word is expected from them when they receive the fully signed petition against the current government.
Uganda has been enjoying bilateral relations with Netherlands for the last 15 years and Netherlands has been one of the key funders of Uganda’s development projects with an FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) of around $500M with 20% of that going to food and security program. Netherlands has been of a vital support towards agriculture as most of the agricultural experts in Uganda are trained from The Netherlands. If the petition is responded to positively, it might change the relations between Uganda and the Netherlands. Here below is the direct link to the petition page: Ugandans in Netherlands petition to the dutch government to support Kizza Besigye

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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