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M7 still in the lead Besigye continues to rise in the provisional results

Electoral commission has released the 8th batch of results printed at 07:43AM and read at 08:30 AM on Saturday morning. The results represent 75% of the polling stations and have so far indicated the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni is still taking the lead with 61.05% though the Opposition leader Col Dr Kiiza Besigye has kept on a marginalized rising with 34.94% and is expected to rise more.
Amama Mbabazi has reduced from 1.66% to 1.50% an indication that he has continued to lose support and his closet contender Abed Bwanika has risen from 0.98% to 0.99% giving a hope that may be Amama Mbabazi might conclude being the forth not the third as anticipated earlier.
Provisional results have been criticized on the grounds that they have concentrated on providing results which are strongholds holds of the incumbent and ignoring the strongholds of the opposition and once the results of the strongholds of opposition arrive especially full results of Wakiso district, Kampala, Kasese and Gulu arrive, Kizza Besigye might increase the percentage to the forties dragging the incumbent to the Fifties or even below the required 51%.
Below are the 8th Provisional results in percentages
Candidates      Party      Votes      %
Abed Bwanika      PDP     70,708    0.95%
Amama Mbabazi      Independent     112,071    1.50%
Baryamureeba Venansius      Independent     42,931    0.58%
Benon Buta Biraaro      FPU     20,553    0.28%
Kizza Besigye Kifefe      FDC     2,603,880    34.94%
Mabirizi Joseph      Independent     19,661    0.26%
Maureen Faith Kyalya     Independent     32,773    0.44%
Yoweri Kaguta Museveni      NRM     4,549,148    61.05%
Valid Votes          7,451,725
Invalid Votes          371,012    4.74%
Total Votes Cast          7,822,737    51.21%    of total Voters
Spoilt votes           22046

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