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Leila Kayondo was beaten by SK Mbuga because of her fornication

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The account of Leila Kayondo is over she told us a story of how she was beaten by her hubby SK Mbuga and she went to report the case to the police and she wasn’t helped you can read its detail here. But what kept in our minds was how can a sound man beat a woman? Could we say that the man is becoming a psycho? Definitely not, Leila Kayondo is a sinner no man can handle.
According to the sources that are coming, Leila Kayondo who had separated with SK Mbuga way back in August due to the gay acts of Leila Kayondo with Hellen Lukoma, the two reunited again. However much SK Mbuga had introduced Vivian Birungi a Sweden based Ugandan and even went on to visit her parents (Kukyala) but he went on to look after Leila Kayondo as his other wife. He even went on and bought her another car red Mercedes Benz Pictured below, but that’s not our point today, the point is why Leila Kayondo was beaten to the extent of developing a swollen face.
Today is Leila Kayondo’s birthday; in fact I would like to urge all Leila Kayondo’s fans to wish a marvelous Birthday. Leila Kayondo went to her hubby and asked her money for the birthday, SK Mbuga couldn’t hesitate but gave her some ‘little money’ meant for the birthday which equaled to 10 Million. That very day yesterday 31st Dec, SK Mbuga was telephoned by someone telling him that he had seen Leila Kayondo with some other man at Speke Resort Hotel. SK Mbuga rushed and found Leila Kayondo seated with a man and Hellen Lukomwa her friend enjoying the dish. The man who is a Congolese soldier on seeing SK Mbuga feared and asked for forgiveness from SK Mbuga, Mbuga didn’t waste time but what he did he asked Leila Kayondo to give him a key of the Red Mercedes Benz to hurt her and they went heading to the parking Yard as Leila Kayondo kept exchanging bitter wards pushing and scratching his chest and pushing him and beating him as she resisted giving him a key. On the other hand Hellen Lukomwa kept throwing insults and curses at SK Mbuga. When Leila kept on beating SK Mbuga, Mbuga gave her a strong push and she landed on the car bonnet thus developing the swollen face in the photo.
SK Mbuga urguing with a Congolese man at Speke Resort

SK Mbuga got the key and left the car at the Speke Resort where it is was kept till today (Photo below). Leila Kayondo the next thing she could do was ranting on social media how she was not helprd by the police after being beaten by Mbuga.

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