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Legacy: Jinja Council resolves to rename the municipal playground to Abel Dhaira memorial stadium

The Jinja Municpal Council has passed a resolution to rename the Tobbaco play ground which is the main Municipal play ground to Abel Dhaira Memorial Stadium. This is to be done in memory of Abel Dhaira commonly known as Abbey Dhaira who passed away on Easter Sunday after succumbing to cancer.
The Playground which is expected to be upgraded soon to a standard stadium will be named after one of the greatest goal keepers Uganda has ever had who was born in the district of Jinja in Busoga, a place popular in Uganda due to its power generation activities and enormous industries.
Akii Bua Memorial stadium is under construction in Lira which is being constructed and named after the first Olympics Gold Medalist John Akii Bua (3 December 1949 – 20 June 1997). Now this one in Jinja will be named after the Goal Keeper Abel Dhaira (9 September 1987 – 27 March 2016) whose body is expected to arrive in the country anytime from now.
Rest in Peace Abbey Dhaira

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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