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Proof: How Kizza Besigye faked his swearing in ceremony with an edited fake video

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On May11, 2016 Kizza Besigye and the whole FDC party claimed that he was sworn in as the president of Uganda, shortly before he was arrested. This was something interesting and challenging to Ugandans, and we were probably to break the story shortly after that The Forum for Democratic Change party Leader Dr. Kizza Besigye has finished swearing in as a president of the country. So let’s also be the first to tell you it was fake. Colonel (rtd) Kizza Besigye was promising that he will swear in as a president of Uganda on the same day with General(rtd) Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and will even announce his cabinet on that very same day. But no one knows why he decided to it earlier, but the real fact is that he was not sworn in; he just edited a video in the computer to confuse and fool Ugandans including the government and the Ugandan Police. Here is the evidence to show that the video is so faked and no sane human should believe in it.
If you haven’t viewed the video either click here to view it, or first read the post and view the video at the end of this post as you compare and contrast.
1. Shortly after Kizza Besigye was arrested on May 11th in the Afternoon, FDC official handle tweeted that “Rt. Col. Dr.Kizza Besigye escaped police custody, has been sworn in (evidence to follow), now arrested.” Which evidence were they bringing? In the swearing in Video that they brought, there were more than 400 people at the alleged swearing in of Kizza Besigye, wasn’t that enough evidence? Were those 400+ people not enough to tell the remaining population that: We witnessed the swearing in ceremony, he is now the president? Why tell us to wait for more evidence? But since they brought the video as the evidence, well let’s show you how fake the video was.
2. On the day Kizza Besigye was arrested, he went to town wearing his usual uniform, that Blue Shirt with white squares with made on cap then with a free style white trouser (See Photo below). But the swearing in Video, he was wearing a blue shirt with a black suit, well have you ever asked yourself how that came about?

Kizza Besigye Swearing in
Kizza Besigye headed to town with his blue squared Shirt

3. While he was coming to the platform to swear in as a president, he was passing through multitudes of people that were waving to him, but as he was swearing, the hand claps and noise being heard were coming from less than 10 people? Where were the rest? There was no crowd actually; he filmed the video in his own compound or any other closed place. Have you heard any person who claims to have attended the swearing? Well let’s continue, more important clue coming.
4. In the crowd that FDC claims to have attended Kizza Besigye’s crowd, there are many people seen with Cameras, some using digital cameras while others were using phone cameras (check photo below) but have you seen any photo apart from the snapshots taken from the video? Should we say that those who took photos are not on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram to share those photos? Lets continue-:
People with Cameras
People are seen with cameras, yet no any pic has ever been produced apart from the snap shots from the video

5. When Besigye was coming to the platform passing though the crowd, he was wearing a black suit, black tie and blue shirt. But when he was the raised platform while swearing, he was wearing a black suit, blue shirt but this time a BLUE Tie not a black tie which he came with waving to his guests, can someone explain this? Even the suit he was wearing as he was passing through the crowd heading to the stage, was having open buttons yet when he was swearing (minutes after) his coat had all buttons tied. (See Photos below)
Open buttons
Besigye is shown arriving to swear in with a black tie and a coat having open buttons

Tied Buttons
Here Kizza Besigye taking oath with a blue tie and a coat with closed buttons: really?

6. Even when you follow the background and the environment of the places, when he is passing through the audience and when he is swearing, they are two completely different backgrounds. There is even no single point where the video shows Dr. Besigye swearing and the Audience shouting at ago. Even those who are familiar with Kampala there is no any location with such background where the crowd was. It is more probable that the crowd was from upcountry.
The fact is that Dr. Kizza Besigye had promised his supporters that he will swear as a President on the same day with Mr. Museveni (as he calls him) now what he did he went and acted a video with a few FDC officials, where even the party president Major General (rtd) Mugisha Muntu was not available, after the video showing Besigye swearing was acted, they got a computer man, who fixed various video recordings of different dates and different locations just to show that Besigye had people at his swearing. Little did the whole planning committee realize that there were differences in the videos being combined and much as many will be confused and fooled, the few elite would find out.
Besigye decided to escape and head to town so as to justify his claims that the swearing really happened when he was in town, he knew that by May 12, Police won’t even allow him to reach his own gate and would have no way to release his video which was edited days before the swearing. So on 11th he headed to town as he was already having his edited video on the memory card. As soon as he has arrived in town, the police ran after him, and tried to arrest him. He took a refugee in the nearest building around Nakivubo-New Taxi Park and Qualicel Bus Terminal square, it took the Uganda police more minutes to trace him and arrest him. There was nothing like swearing on that day. View the Video here=> Kizza Besigye being arrested in Kampala
FDC and Dr. Kizza Besigye are being taken serious by the people and in fact very many think they are the one with the future of their country, but when they start doing things that should be done by Amarula Family or Akandolindoli, it is something that sets back the party and makes people lose trust in them.
The Government should have first taken its time to examine the video clearly, this is just a joke video acted and edited by FDC officials. It is not something worth a panic to even charge someone with the case of Treason. For those who haven’t watched the video, here it is, watch it carefully as you compare with our points above and then be in class!

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