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Kizza Besigye attacks Buganda Kingdom

The Forum for Democratic Change Party Leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is not happy with the Buganda government and has continued and showed his anger towards Buganda to the public about the things that are not happening the way he expects them to work.
Just a day after Peter Mayiga the Katikiro of Buganda asked the opposition to calm down and concede the defeat, various opposition members have come up and attacked him. Among them is the senior FDC Activist Stella Nyanzi who described him as someone who has gassed. Now the latest to attack is Kizza Besigye, who did not only attack Peter Mayinga but the whole kingdom which was founded by Kintu.
Kizza Besigye posed a question mark on Buganda who supports his imprisonment and the arrest of his agents countrywide by the current president and at the end the president is announced the winner again.
“Buganda supports Mr M7’s imprisoning his opponent + hundreds of agents & raiding FDC offices to be declared winner?”
Kizza Besigye has been under house arrest for 42 days and he had just been freed less than a week ago. He therefore feels not only surprised but also saddened seeing the prime minister of Buganda Peter Mayiga instead of sympathizing with him telling him to concede the loss. Below is the screen shot of Kizza Besigye’s message
Kizza Besigye

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