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Kiiza Besigye women’s day message gives hope to Ugandans

The Forum for Democratic Change former Party President who was the presidential flag bearer in the recently concluded elections Dr Kizza Besigye is worried about the way women are empowered. He said that only 7% of women own or have control of land yet 81% of women are employed in Agriculture. He added that women have little access to loans of which the loans are even having hyper interest rates. He said this in his women’s day message where he made it clear that the struggle for gender equality continues.

“Although 81% of women labour force is in agriculture, only 7% of women own or control land! Access to small loans (microfinance) at exorbitant interest rates have served to worsen women’s economic situation.”

Dr Kizza Besigye said he is worried about the collapse of the delivery system where women dying during child birth have increased from 16 to 19 in the last 5 years. As the theme of this year’s International Women’s day goes, PLEDGE FOR PARITY, Kizza Besigye says he is pledging to fight till he defends the mandate that was given to him through the vote so that he can fulfill all the pledges he made for women in his campaigns.

“The collapse of the health delivery system has very adversely affected women. Women dying in childbirth have increased from 16 to 19 daily over the last 5 years……..This year’s theme for the International Women’s Day is PLEGDE FOR PARITY…………………….we’re determined to jealously defend the mandate that was given to us through the vote.”

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Among these pledges made in Dr Kizza Besigye’s manifesto include quality education to all girls, good health care including the reproductive health care, protecting women against sexual violence and entitling women the right to own or control land.
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