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Kenyans want Migingo Island Back before discussing the pipe line project

Kenyans have reacted to the bilateral meeting between President Museveni and President Kenyatta about the construction of the Oil pipeline from Uganda to the Kenyan Coast Mombasa.
Among other Issues, Kenyans are saying Uganda should return Mgingo Island to Kenya before the talks continue. They say there is no way Kenya should continue in the talks with a country which has “stolen” the land belonging to the Kenyans. “Migingo issue must b well articulated …in the first stance” said one Kenyan “Maybe Kibaki sold it to him let’s say” another Kenyan said that “They are stealing a part of u territory and violating our sovereignty and u call it a piece of rock??? And you are expecting that so called president to be honest in pipe-line issue?…..one day they will steal even that petrol…if we don’t react now”
Recently a Kenyan legislature petitioned the parliament to send army to the island since Uganda has failed to return the area peacefully. However some Kenyans are criticizing that proposal saying that there is no need for war, the issue can be handled diplomatically. “He who breathes blood calls for war on Migingo but a life minding Leader prefers Diplomatic Dialogue” said another Kenyan.
Moreso Kenyans are concerned as to why Uganda is holding bilateral meeting with Kenya on Oil Pipeline when actually Uganda had made an agreement with Tanzania that the pipeline will pass in the southern country not Kenya. “Why could he not consider that many goods to landlocked Uganda pass through Kenya before signing the pipeline deal with Tanzania” said Mbithe a Kenyan. Uganda had given an excuse that the Pipeline in Kenya won’t be safe since the place is always under terror attacks “The challenge of terrorists in North Eastern Kenya is not a permanent one or will he now be depending more on Tanzania for all transit goods!” concluded Mbithe.
All we are still asking who owns Migingo and what will be the fate of the small Island located in Lake Victoria.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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