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Kayihura is using the Police to fight Museveni- Mabirizi

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The Independent Coalition (TIC) flag bearer in the recently concluded elections Joseph Elton Mabirizi aka Mabreezy said that the police is doing a good job of making even the children see that this is the time for the regime change.
While talking to his supporters on social media Mabirizi said that he was shocked by the ugly images of men dressed in black beating Kizza Besigye supporters in Kampala on Tuesday a signal to Ugandans that Uganda is headed for a big violence.
Mabirizi the trained Engineer and a politician said that even NRM supporters have seen the violence conducted against innocent citizens by this regime bringing an example of an Mzee who has been a staunch supporter of Museveni since he came power, who told him that “ he believes that the IGP is using the police to bring Museveni down.”
Below is Mabirizi message to Ugandans
The ugly images of hooded goons dressed black, beating supporters of Dr. Besigye in Kampala on Tuesday, under the command of the police should send a strong signal to all Ugandans that Uganda is headed for big violent upheaval.
It is each and everyone’s responsibility to ensure that these actions stop.
You don’t have to be an opposition supporter to see this. Many people who support NRM have also expressed shock and disgust at this officially conducted violence against innocent citizens.
One old man of the Luwero triangle era who is a staunch Museveni supporter told me yesterday, that he believes that the IGP is using the police to bring Museveni down.
He did not explain further.
Maybe the police is doing a good job of making even a child see that the time for regime change is long overdue.
CHANGE IS NOW INEVITABLE. Working together we shall achieve the objective sooner than we can imagine.
For God and my Country.

Goons helping the Uganda Police
Goons helping the Uganda Police

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