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Journalist bunned from covering Gen Sejusa live court proceedings

Former coordinator of Intelligence Services, Gen David Sejusa court proceedings at the makindye based general court martial are ongoing. The handcuffed general arrived in civilian clothing aboard the prisons van.
The general court martial is chaired by Maj Gen levi Karuhanga for the hearing of the application challenging its powers and for bail.
Sejusa protests the trial before the general court martial, alleging that it has no authority to hear the case, due to a pending application, before former coordinator of Intelligence Services, that seeks to determine whether or not he is still a serving officer and, therefore, subject to military law. He is seeking court declarations that he was constructively discharged from the army.
His bail application is based on the fact that he is of advanced age 61 and that he sustained injuries from the bush war which need specialized care.
Journalists have however been barred from covering the live proceedings. In a meeting held before the start of the session, Military Police spokesman Capt. Emmanuel Birungi told journalists and other members of the public that no one would be allowed to enter the court room with phones or live streaming equipment.
The military police spokesperson said any breach of these guidelines would mean a violation of court orders.


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