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I am not arrested, Katumba Wamala speaks out

The Chief of Defence forces Gen. Katumba Wamala has come up to clear air on the claims that he has been arrested. The rumor started today 19th in the morning on social media and spread everywhere to the extent that even some radio stations had started talking about it as unconfirmed rumor. The rumor was that Katumba Wamala was arrested on the orders of chief of Land forces and that also in the process, Gen Sejusa Tinyefuza has been released.
Social Media is currently blocked in Uganda due to allegations that they promote false news that can destabilize the national security and safety but the few who have managed to access it via the VPN Apps have started misusing the social media justifying the claims that were given by the government as the government gives further warnings to arrest those using third party apps to access it.
Katumba Wamala says he received various phone calls from friends, relatives, colleagues and other people who know him inquiring about his arrest and said that nothing has already happened to him and appealed to the public to stop taking social media serious which he says will drag them into various falsehoods.
He also commented on the excessive photoshop where he was much more concerned at the photo scene where the police was dragging the Buganda King, Kabaka brutally in the road an incident that has never occured which he said such photos should be avoided as the incite violence and might result into unrest in the country.
This is the 1st day since the Ugandans voted for the president and the parliament and a lot of chaos is expected since various parties had indicated even during the campaigning period that the campaign will be a “defiance” campaign as the opponents also promise to crush any uprising after elections. Such rumors like the one about General Katumba Wamala and the recent one which was saying that Electoral Commission Chairman Badru Kiggundu was caught by the police as he tried to sneak out of the country are meant to increase tension in the country at such a situation where already some of the presidential candidates have already been arrested as one Abed Bwanika was arrested as he tried to sneak into Tanzania while Kizza Besigye was arrested on allegations that he was trying to declare himself a winner with his own results from the FDC tally centre. We request all Ugandans to remain calm and peaceful during this electoral process that has just started.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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