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How Tycoon Medy Kingdom killed Mugerwa Nasib in South Africa

Mixed reactions are all over Facebook concerning the death of a Ugandan called Mugerwa Nasib in South Africa who died in the South African hospital on Wednesday and claims have it that the guy who had taken Mugerwa to kyeeyo, a young millionaire Medy Kingdom is responsible for his death.
The story from some witnesses goes that Medy Kingdom called Mugerwa to join him in South Africa so that they work. Medy has been a good friend of Nasib. Mugerwa first hesitated but after he was assured that money is in plenty he agreed to go and seeing Medy was already rich at a tender age, he decided to go and work. They used the road transport route which goes through Tanzania trough the Rhodesian countries and then to South Africa.
When they reached in Tanzania, Mugerwa made his mind again and decided to return home, he gave Medy an excuse that he is a family man and should therefore go back to look after his wife and children. Mugerwa Nasib has been a family man married to the lady known as Tendo Faith. After giving that excuse, Medy told him that he should not mind about the wife after they are the ones who discomfort us and he added that it’s even because of his wife, that he is now heading to work. Mugerwa Nasib decided to continue with Medy and other 10 guys to South Africa.
When they arrived in South Africa, the situation was good at first. They got some money before Mugerwa discovered that Medy and his friends are thugs and they deal in robbery, conning and scamming to get money. He started to worry about his life and asked Medy why they brought him in such an ugly stuff and added that he may die in the process. Medy promised Mugerwa that such a life was common to them and that Mugerwa should not be worried, he will be safe. Mugerwa instead reacted by asking back his passport which was kept by Medy who confiscated it as soon as they had arrived.
He insisted that he should be given the passport back as he prepares his way back to Uganda. He wanted to ask his wife to send him some money to help him transport. After too much negotiations and exchange of words Medy saw that Mugerwa is not following the orders and may not be of help to them, they started punching him and kicking him before he felt a syringe in his body as he was injected with something he never knew. The injection made him sleep for so long and by the time he woke up, he was in the hospital feeling a lot of pain.
He asked the doctor to help him with a phone and he called the wife whom he told everything that had happened and gave her the directions of the hospital where he was as he requested the wife to send him support and someone to help him out of the situation. The wife contacted his friend who works in South Africa but at the time was in Uganda who helped them connect with someone in South Africa. The person whom they contacted in South Africa drove off quickly to the hospital and found the guy in a critical condition. He took some photos and sent them to the family back in Uganda, he also brought some money alongside him plus the aid the wife had sent and he kept in the hospital nursing the patient. He later learned from doctors that they young man might not recover as they told him the injection he was given is too toxic.
At that time, Medy was again calling the wife and asking her to send money to look after her husband as he told her that the husband is sick. Medy too kept visiting Nasib in the hospital since he still wanted to make money out of him. Little did Medy know that the wife has already been informed about the situation and is already taking care of her husband through another person. All this Medy was doing it so that he can con more money from the wife who was soon becoming a widow. Medy went ahead and announced falsely Nasib as dead on Monday but the wife refused to accept the story and asked that; her husband should be brought in back to Uganda and she nurses him. Medy then asked for money for the air ticket so that they can bring Nasib back to Uganda as the wife had requested. The other guy who was nursing him sent by the family also requested for the money for the air ticket. Medy continued to torture the wife psychologically as he asks her contribute money for the medication of her husband and if not, the husband will die and she will be the one to blame he did all this using different numbers.
On Wednesday that fateful day, a phone call was made and the wife, Tendo, received a call from the hospital and she was informed that Mugerwa Nasib was dead. The wife collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Nasib spent five days in the hospital before he died; his body is expected in the country Saturday in the morning.
On the other side Medy Kingdom is claiming that he did not kill “his brother” as he describes him. Medy Kingdom says that he tried so much to make sure that Mugerwa Nasib is brought back to Uganda where he would get good medical care but all efforts failed when they were denied permission to bring Nasib back to Uganda, Medy Kingdom says he joined people who were sent by Nasib’s sister who were already at the hospital and they all kept at the hospital. He continued that God will reveal the truth to the world and people will know that he is free from the blood of Nasib.
Below is the audio of explaining how the incident went since Medy Kingdom took Mugerwa Nasib to South Africa till when he was announced dead and the follow up. May the soul of Mugerwa Nasib rest in peace.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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