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Gulu District Faces a Drastic Water Shortage

It’s been closed to two weeks since tap water supply in the district was cut off that has hindered most of the business to run on smoothly. This came about due to the decrease in water levels of the dam that was supplying the district with water, some sources shows that the dam is almost dry.
As the saying goes “water is life”, Residents of the area have to move long distances to look for water from dams and the few boreholes around are always full with lined up jerricans from early morning to late evening. This disaster has raised concern on the side of the authorities hence they claim that they are working on the matter. The Mayor Gulu Municipality Hon.Labejja appealed to the locals to be a little more patient as the problem of water shortage is being worked upon.
He stated that the way forward is to drill more boreholes so that when such happens again, there are at least boreholes to sustain residents. He further emphasized that a big water reservoir will be built so as to supply the district incase the dam is down.


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