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Government names the Pornography control committee

In the Photo above is Katsurana Ahamed whose photos leaked to the public, she is one of the reasons why the Government is trying hard to cub down the pono media.
As Uganda’s Porn industry continues to grow on the fastest speed, the Government through the Ministry of Information has decided to regulate and control the content among internet, smart phone and computer users.
In the struggle to take back Uganda to its norms, the government is set to purchase a porn detecting machine which will cost around 2 Billion Ugandan shillings that will help detect porn content wherever it will be published.
The government will also ban all porn sites from the country including the famous X Videos, Pornhurb, and other sites plus all key words that lead to porn sites.
Now the minister of information who failed the MP Elections in Rujumbura, Rukungiri, Hon Jim Muhwezi has approved the committee that will help in controlling the vice that has spread in the country which was once the most decent country in the region. This committee includes Annette Kezaabu, Pastor Martin Ssempa, Opwonya D, Muhammed Waiswa, Gastone Byamugisha, Joan Komugisha, Hafisa Kabagonja, Sentamu and Fred Nyakori.
Those who were thinking that they survived Father Lukodo, this is a serious one, you may be charged with treason because of leaking someone’s nudes.

JimMuhwezi (right) in the stripped coat
JimMuhwezi (right) in the stripped coat

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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