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Patrick Salvado hits NRM hard after Kayunga By Election

Patrick Salvado hits NRM hard after Kayunga By Election
Patrick Idring Salvado meeting president Museveni in 2020.

Comedian Patrick Salvado seems to be starting to fall out with his dear party National Resistance Movement –NRM which he used to praise in the concluded 2021 General elections.

The celebrated standup comedian surprised his followers when he made remarks that were attacking to NRM following the controversial Kayunga by election where NRM is accused by opposition of rigging elections.

Salvado made a tweet saying that once something is taken by force it has to be kept by force which was interpreted by many to mean that NRM won 2021 elections and they are therefore using force to keep their win.

“When you take something by force, you are forced to use force to keep it,” Salvado said.

NRM government used brutal force in the recently concluded by elections where opposition supporters including the district chairperson flag bearer of NUP Harriet Nakweede, Mityana MP Francis Zaake and others sustaining injuries. Other 4 opposition MPs were arrested police on the final rally.

Salvado’s statement was welcomed by many opposition supporters who thanked him for seeing ‘truth’, others were seen welcoming him ‘home’

Despite some of his fans asking for more elaboration about the tweet, Salvado didn’t dare clarify, leaving others confused about what the man from Ombokoro could trying to mean.

“Is this a big spoon? afraid to mention Kayunga?” one of his fans asked.

Salvado was a controversial figure in the recently concluded elections to the extent of supporting government crackdown on opposition in Kampala 2020 riots that left 104 people dead, though he later apologized for being insensitive.


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