Home News Celebrity Gossip Diana Nabatanzi Video: Fake or real? Truth here

Diana Nabatanzi Video: Fake or real? Truth here

Diana Nabatanzi Video: Fake or real? Truth here

There’s a video making rounds on twitter purportedly belonging to Uganda’s TV show host and actress Diana Nabatanzi.

The video is one of the series of tapes that were released this month starting from the Kitende Video, to MUBS girl Video and the LDC Girl video.

The video is currently trending on all social media channels especially Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram where adult content can be allowed.

We have however reviewed the video to confirm its authenticity and ascertain whether it belongs to the Aromantic Entertainment actress Nabatanzi.

Putting the loud cries aside that distracted our observation for some time, the purported Nabatanzi video is not real and should be treated with all the contempt it deserves.

The lady in the video is not Nabatanzi and the video is not even Ugandan made. It was sourced from internet.


  1. She not Diana coz she is a very respectfull lady for all the time i’ve seen her,those fake hustlers just want to shame our famous celebs.Please people who post such get things to do rather than wasting that plenty of time.


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