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German Based Reggae singer Omuana Isaacs apologizes over FoolsDay Prank

On 1st April fools day so many people do different pranks that leave others hurt or even under shock which makes them to regret ever carrying out such pranks on others especially close friends and family and the latest on our table to apologise over fools day prank is non other than Ugandan reggae singer OMUANA ISAACS who’s based in Germany.
The singer took it to his Facebook page early morning and posted a photo of Entebbe Airport’s departure point captioning it that it was great being home but time to go back. This post made most of his fans, friends and family members furious and attacked him for not visiting them or even meeting them for a cup of tea. The mad crowd did not stop on the harsh comments but also took it to the singers inbox which forced him later on to delete the post off his wall.
24 hours later the ‘Brenda’ singer posted an apology to everyone who was hurt by this prank. quoted below; “…friends and family, I did post this pic taken from QueenBee ‘s wall…. I was not anywhere near Uganda yesterday. It was #FoolsDay. Bambi mu nsonyiwe”
Omuana Isaacs depa
Omuana Isaacs also has a new audio out dubbed Sembera also a reggae tune which is doing good in germany and he promises that soon it will be on Ugandan airwaves too. The singer already has a full album out entitled “Yeggwe” which brought him to the limelight.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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