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Gen Kale Kayihura apologizes to Kooki cultural leader Kamuswaga

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has apologized to Kooki cultural leader following his arrest by vice president Edward Kiwanuka Sekandi’s security team.
According to police, the Kamuswaga Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli, the cultural leader of Kooki was arrested and transferred to Masaka police station after he dangerously attempted to overtake the convoy of Mr Sekandi, in a manner that drew suspicions from his security.
Police say Sekandi’s security team believed the cultural leader who was casually dressed and driving himself wanted to harm the VP.
We want to inform you that the IGP upon learning about the incident intervened and immediately ordered for the release of the cultural leader and extended his apologies to him, his family and the wider Kooki fraternity, over the distress and dishonor it could have caused him,” reads in part a statement issued by the chairperson of interagency communication task team AIGP Asan Kasingye.
Mr Kasingye further added, “The gesture was very much appreciated by the cultural leader as he looks forward to a meeting with the IGP.”
He said State house was notified of the incident which has since been put to rest after the two parties opted not to pursue the matter further.
Although the police continue to believe that the incident was based on very poor judgment on the part of the officers, it is going to focus more on the highest standards of conduct of all officers, to ensure that all cultural leaders are afforded the dignity and respect they deserve,” added Mr Kasingye.
The incident happened on Tuesday (February 2) at Kyajubira village near Bukunda trading center along Masaka-Mutukula Highway. Eye witnesses told the press that trouble started after Kamuswaga, who was driving himself in his official vehicle, refused to give way to Mr Ssekandi’s convoy.
Mr Ssekandi was returning from his campaigns in Kyanamukaka Sub county and was heading to his home in Kizungu zone in Masaka municipality.
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