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First lady disappointed with karamoja leaders

The First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs Janet Museveni has expressed disappointment with local leaders in karamoja region, who keep food aid meant to curb food shortage instead of supplying it to the affected regions.
While meeting new NRM MPs from the 10 Constituencies in Karamoja at Kyankwanzi State Lodge, Janet revealed that Government has made dispatches of food aid to the most affected areas.
She however says it is very worrying that most often this food has been given to those who are not the most vulnerable; some of it sold off, while some Local Governments do not distribute it to the communities and instead leave it in the stores.
She therefore urged Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Karamoja region to actively involve themselves in the monitoring of the food aid distribution by Government.
This comes at a time when there is food shortage in the region, but despite Government’s effort through the Office of the Prime Minister’s department of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Management to distribute food in the affected areas, the most vulnerable people still miss out on these rations and have been left to suffer hunger related impacts.


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