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Fans ask Ray G to make a collabo with David Lutalo

Music fans from western Uganda have asked their music ambassador Ray G to do them a favor and make a collabo with David Lutalo. This was during the Ask Ray G moment on social media where his fans were asking him questions as he answers.
The Mureebe who appeared as the number one Musician in western Uganda on our Top ten Lists, when asked by fans to do collabos with Kampala Musicians he told them to be patient and promised them that collabos are coming soon. He has already done collabos with top western Uganda artistes and setting the journey to Kampala might help him open the market for his wonderful market in the whole country.
Most fans were emphasizing that he should do a collabo with none other than David Lutalo who is a darling of many in Western Uganda and they think that he and Ray G can come up with something great if they do a collabo.
Ray G is the singer behind the marvelous songs including Amarari, Orahi, Enshazi and Mureebe which is currently the most loved song in western Uganda. He has won very many awards in western Uganda and has achieved various nominations in countrywide awards.

Ray G in the Mureebe Video
Ray G in the Mureebe Video

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