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We Don’t Know How To Do Any Other Business Apart From Music- Lydia Jazmine

Singer Lydia Nabawanukka has come out to re-echo  cries by fellow musicians on the continued lockdown of the music industry by government.

It should be recalled that music has been under lockdown for longer than a year now ever since the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic last year.

The arts industry seems like it will continue to be on the sidelines due to the outbreak of a more deadly second wave.

This has seen a partial lockdown of some sectors by the government for a period of 42 days.

Musicians have been advised by some people to invest in other businesses since they make a lot of money.

These have also been advised to embrace digital platforms because performances seem like a dream for now.

The Masukka singer while appearing on NBS TV After 5 program said music is all they know.

“We can’t invest in any other business except music. Just the other day, I collected some money off my digital platforms. So, music is what we do, and it’s our passion. In other words we do something that we love.” Jazmine said.

Jazmine was flanked by singer Grenade Official as they premiered the video of their new song “Feeling.”

She went ahead to say that for her to work with another musician, it’s free of charge and more based on the vibe between the two parties.

She added that she’s a big fan of Grenade which is how they got to collaborate.

She added that when she heard the Feeling song she definitely knew Grenade was the right person to jump on it.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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