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UMA Meets Up With Chameleone’s Uganda Superstars Association Faction

Following the news that some musicians had decided to break away from the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) and formed their own umbrella known as Uganda Superstars Association, meetings have been convened between the two factions

A number of musicians seceded away from UMA  to form Uganda Music Federation and subsequently elected Leone Island boss,Jose Chameleon as their president.

And with the government planning to avail help to musicians in the COVID 19 relief package program, the groups met with the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC)  contingent to forge a way forward.

Speaking about this meeting, musician Pallaso who was elected the speaker of the Uganda Superstar Association said that they have been having meetings for a long time.

They just didn’t want the media to get wind of the meetings as they would jeopardize the progress with useless questions.

The Malamu singer also talked on why he and his brother Chameleon were elected to the top hierarchy of the new association.

Pallaso said he was elected because he’s not only a good orator but also speaks sense while Chameleon was elected as president because he’s widely recognized on the continent.

Cindy who is the president of UMA said they had fruitful meetings with this new group and OWC but were given a new date to conclude the proposals.

She however said that she didn’t know the goal of this new group yet.

Asked whether UMA was weakening after the secession of these big artistes, the Boom party singer said that UMA was strong.

She  also said that the artists who had deserted hadn’t yet returned their membership cards meaning they were still legally registered with UMA.

The self styled King herself was asked why she hadn’t yet joined Chameleon’s superstar association yet she’s a superstar.

“I’m the president of UMA . I can’t join another organization besides I don’t even know what their goal is for now. What I can say is that UMA is welcome to everyone and does not segregate whether your an established or upcoming artiste.”

Both Pallaso and Cindy downplayed the rumour of money as being the main cause of the rise of the seemingly looming wrangles.

Pallaso maintained that they were united towards a common goal of promoting Ugandan music.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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