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Tell Your Models Not To Fart In Our Food- Fans Attack Abryanz

Fans have come out to tell fashion stylist Brian Ahumuza aka Abryanz to tell his models to respect their food and not stand in it while naked.

This was after photos of model Judith Heard circulated on social media.

Judith was modeling Abryans fashion wear while in ShopRite supermarket.

The model was clad in blue unbuttoned jeans  exposing her underwear by Abryans.

In one of the photos she’s seen seated with her butt over a fridge which angered social media users.

These resorted to telling her to respect their food because she could fart in it whereas others vowed not to go back to ShopRite.

“Why are your models in the food section while naked? And one is even seated on the frozen foods fridge. They should have done the photoshoot from the clothing section. This isn’t good. They are contaminating the foods.” One user commented

“Contaminating our products for nothing.” Another went.

“But y sit on the freezer.” another unpleased fan went.

“May I know this supermarket so that I avoid buying anything from their refrigerator.” A follower said.

“But does it mean that she has to kukunama and kunyampa in the food shelves really? Can’t   she do her gig without poisoning our food with carbon dioxide. I will not buy from shoprite for a long time.” A follower who wasn’t amused with the poses went.

“Couldn’t you get another place to show off ur undies rather than the supermarket? Omwana akunamira fridge ya sausage banangee..!! ” Another fan followed.

Most of the followers were not amused with the choice of place to model underwear from.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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