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Ranking Uganda’s Celebrity Leaked Sex Tapes And Nudes Over The Years

Ranking Uganda’s Celebrity Leaked Sex Tapes And Nudes Over The Years

Over the years, Ugandans have really been blessed to get to know their some of their celebrities up close and personal or what you would term inside out.

Being in the limelight is one hell of a job too. People will always be on your case both those you know and you don’t.

Basically being a celebrity, one has to juggle two lives, one for the fans and another their own.

However being a celebrity does not take away the privacy of somebody and these live life too like ordinary people.

These have gone to the extent of doing some crazy things behind the fans eyes but these usually find their way to public space.

I’m talking about sex tapes and nude pictures. Below we look at some of the sex tapes and nude pics scandals that have rocked the country over the years.

Sanyu Robinah Mweruka

2015 was the year the Bukedde TV news anchor saw her sextape leak.

She even got laid off from her her work place Vision Group, as this did not adhere to the work ethics since it would dent their reputation.

Mweruka however denied being the one in the sextape.

It was alleged that the man in the video was workmate known as Kasumali who also denied any involvement.

The woman in the video though looked like Mweruka but the news anchor reported the matter to then minister of ethics Fr Simon Lokodo.

She accused Kasumali of trying to extort Ugx15 million from her. Whether it was her or not, the woman in that video really enjoyed the missionary style.

Angella Kalule

When it comes to being horny, nobody is spared because even the people you might think are holy also get out of mood and want it so bad.

In 2017 singer Angela Kalule said that her phone had been stolen.

Subsequently a video of her talking dirty to her man emerged on social media.

This showed her even pulling out one of her breasts showing it to her lover whom she was recording a video for.

She went ahead to tell him how she was in the mood for it but too bad he wasn’t around.

Princess Becky Jjuko

Another case of relationships gone wrong which are the most reasons celebrities on this list had their nudes leaked by the way.

Ebonies actress Princess Becky Jjuko in 2019 saw her nudes leaked by a jilted lover.

There was a video and pics where the actress was telling her lover how horny she was in the cold weather and wanted to chew him so badly.

The actress was summoned by the Pornographic Control Committee where she said that she had been betrayed by an ex-lover.

She came out and apologized to her fans and family for what she had gone through.

Anita Fabiola

We all wish they could leak right now, jokes but  am sure y’all would run after them if they ever do again.

Well in 2015 the then NTV Be My Date presenter had her nudes pictures leaked by an ex lover.

Fabiola however said that the nudes had been leaked by someone who had got in possession of her phone which had got stolen about a year back.

She even claimed that she paid Ugx 8 million for the nudes not to be released but the guy went ahead to release them.

Zari Hassan

She will definitely make any list as long as it’s about showbiz whether good or bad.

Zari does not just one have sex tape but over two on the web and some nude pictures.

In the wake of Desire Luzinda’s sex tape, Zari also had hers released.

It was suspected that she leaked her own tape to promote her Arab party that was soon coming up.

However people bemoaned her dryness in the video where she was seen masturbating with a number of dildos.

Zari came out in 2019 to address the video saying it had been leaked by her lover whom she had found after parting ways with baby daddy the late Ivan Ssemwanga.

The said man threatened Zari to release the video if she ended the relationship and Zari have him the go ahead.


Perhaps she might be the grandmother of nudes in the entertainment industry.

In 2008, local tabloid red pepper was awash with the singer’s nudes which were apparently leaked by her then lover, Italian Mario.

It was however said that her former band mates Jackie and Lilian could have been behind the leaking of these pictures.

This is because it was alleged that the three fell out over this man Mario Brunette.

Martha Kay

Uhmm what a year 2019 was for us the seers because we really enjoyed the year though somewhere it was tears.

But well maybe girls should have learnt something about these nudes that leak time and time again after relationships go wrong.

However, they learn and forget nothing as nudes keep on coming out every now and then.

Social media comedian Martha Kay saw her sumptuous nudes and videos leak to the internet after a relationship went wrong.

Still some of the best we have seen although culturalists found a reason to blame her for having no twin towers down in Afghanistan.

Desire Luzinda

Wow oh wow 2014 will always be a year to remember because we got to know the quality of sex videos that leak.

The sexy and curvaceous


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