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Pastor Ssempa blasts Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Ssempa blasts Pastor Bugingo

They say when two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers and this is what is likely to happen after Makerere Community Church pastor Martin Ssempa fired subliminal shots at House of Prayer Ministries International leader and Salt FM proprietor Pastor Aloysius Bugingo.

This followed an announcement by Pastor Bugingo in one of his sermons about how he’s going to wed his current girlfriend Susan Makula.

It should be recalled that Bugingo and Makula became an item a few years ago after be bitterly broke up with his wife Teddy Bugingo.

The aftermath of the breakup with the Bugingo’s was so dirty with a number of shocking revelations.

Bugingo while taking about his relationship with Makula said that soon they will walk down the aisle.

He added that he already has sorted out the people to attend his wedding in his head although they don’t know.

The often controversial pastor added that he shall inform in due time because he knows they are the ones with the gifts needed.

When this fell to Pastor Ssempa, he decried the actions of a fellow pastor saying this is an insult to their beliefs.

Ssempa went ahead to advise his counterpart to go back to his legal wife in Kitende and repent both to the women in his entanglement and God.

“Bugingo is just ashaming us ‘Balokole’. He should go and repent to God, his wife in Kitende and Makula. He’s just a fornicator and drowned in lust.” Pastor Ssempa said.

He also added that he will never attend Bugingo’s wedding even if he sends a thousand invites to him.

Pastor Ssempa told Bugingo that he might end up dying in his own movie just like Judith Babirye.

The gospel singer a few years ago joyfully got married to Paul Ssebulime who legally had a wife.

However the two shortly broke up and Ssebulime moved back to his wife.


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